Inspiring Home Space 8.4.14

The Inspiration:
Eclectic Dining Room by Portland Photographers Whitney Lyons

Doesn't this space just make you want to pull up a chair, sit back and relax? There is a fun mix of colors that all just play quietly together in this dining area. Not one color stands out more than another, and the entire space just feels welcoming and relaxed.

Although it is most likely not the first thing you notice, and you may not have noticed it until I pointed it out, the walls appear to be a beautiful dark navy blue. The white window trim and thicker white baseboards is what keep that dark color from becoming overpowering The dark color is a great backdrop to the rest of the space, so to make this your own, don't be shy, pick a dark color for your background.

These farmhouse style tables are pretty easy to find at garage sales and in thrift stores. So, as long as the table is in good condition (aka stable and not falling apart), you can overlook the cosmetic details. Depending on your taste, you can sand and stain the top of the table as dark or as light as you like. Same goes for the table base and legs; pick a complementary color for you space and go as light or as dark as you want in that shade. You can't do this part wrong, as long as you use colors you like, that look great in your space this table will be the perfect centerpiece to your dining area.

I love the built-in bench, and if you have the space to do it, then I say definitely go for it! Many of us just don't have the right configuration in our space to do this, and do it well (myself included). So, we get to have fun with the chairs instead. This is another hunting adventure that can pay out big. I L.O.V.E. mismatched chairs at the dining room table! It just gives the space a well-loved, collected over time, relaxed feeling to the space. Again, check out garage sales, thrift stores, Craigslist, (*cough* your own basement *cough*) etc. for wooden dining room chairs. The important thing to remember with these is, unless you are willing/able to repair the chairs, just stick to the ones that are strong and sturdy (you don't want someone to sit down and have the chair collapse underneath them). After sanding them down you get to add another fun color or two and your space is almost done! If you have a bench or just want to add a little color to your chairs, add a few pillows that pick up the colors from the table and the chairs and your space is done!

(BTW, how awesome is that bottle light above the table?!)


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