Inspiring Home Space 8.11.14

The Inspiration:

Since so many kids are headed back to school, this simple organized space caught my eye. Plenty of hooks for bags, coats and hats, and a simple bench to have a seat while putting on your shoes. There is room to corral shoes under the bench, keeping them hidden out of the way. By keeping the entire area simple, you can bring in, and change out, colors quickly with a few pillows, or a couple small pieces of art.

No matter how big or small your entry area, you can pull off this look. You need a simple bench that fits your space, or even a small chair or two would work. A basket to keep everyday shoes in, keeps them from piling up all over the floor, and brings texture to the area. 

There is a variety of ways create the wall of hooks. If you are in a rental, or are just looking for a less permanent option, command hooks (medium and large) in variety of sizes work great, just make sure you get the right size to accommodate the amount of weight they will be holding. If you want a more permanent option, there is an almost endless amount of choices, from individual hooks to multiple hooks pre-mounted together for you already. (With either of these, be sure to screw directly into a stud or use anchors to ensure the hooks are securely attached to the wall.)

Once you are organized, add a little color. Toss a couple of fun colored pillows on your bench or chairs. This is also a great place to add a couple small and colorful pieces of art, I would suggest making your own, or grabbing a couple of masterpieces from your kids to brighten up the space and give it some personality.

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