Sports Theme Birthday Parties

Sports Theme Birthday Party

The end of June and the first part of July are always a busy time for our family. We have 3 birthdays all within a 3 week time period, oh, and the 4th of July is tossed in the middle of all of that too. This year the boys made it pretty easy for me, they picked the same theme for their friend party and their family party, and they opted to have their friend party together this year.

We went with a sports theme for both parties this year, for anyone who knows my boys, this should not come as a surprise. First up, the friend party. They wanted to have their party with a few school friends at the bowling alley. (Awesome! I didn't have to pick up my house for this party, and there were no additional games or activities to plan, bonus!)

I just made up the front of the invitation in Powerpoint, cropped it down and glued it onto blue cardstock. Then I used my invitation stamp on the backside to outline the party details.

Sports Theme Birthday Party - Bowling Invite

The party favors were pretty random, but they were things the boys liked; drink mix singles, Crunch bar minis, Laffy Taffy, glow sticks and sport whistles. We just stamped white paper lunch bags with the Thank You stamp and then filled them with goodies.

Sports Theme Birthday Party - Treat Bag Favors

My favorite part of all the planning is making and decorating cupcakes, and this year was no exception. I found baseball and basketball cupcake liners at Michael's that were perfect! Then I just frosted all the cupcakes with white frosting. Half of them I piped red frosting laces on for the baseballs. 

Sports Theme Birthday Party - Baseball Cupcakes

And the other half I sprinkled with orange sugar and then piped black frosting for the lines of the basketball. (I have tried to make orange frosting in the past, and it always came out too pink, this was the next best option, and I like how it turned out.)

Sports Theme Birthday Party - Basketball Cupcakes

Sports Theme Birthday Party - Baseball and Basketball Cupcakes

We just happened to find these napkins at the Dollar Tree, they fit the theme nicely. I raided my party supply stash and found plenty of blue and green plates from parties past, so we used those too.

Sports Theme Birthday Party - Baseball and Basketball Cupcakes

Once that party was in the books, we were busy planning the family party. We do a shared birthday party for the boys with our extended family every year. This one we host at our home and I try to keep it pretty simple.

Simple Sports Theme Birthday Party

We had (more) cupcakes, ice cream cups, chopped fruit, and M&M's (my favorite!!).

Simple Sports Theme Birthday Party - Cupcakes and Fruit

Simple Sports Theme Birthday Party - Cupcakes and M&Ms

I kept the cupcakes simple for this party and frosted half with vanilla and half with chocolate frosting, and then used the toppers that came with the baseball and basketball liners I used for the other party. Plates, napkins and tablecloths were all basic colors, and all extras that I already had in my party stash. The bunting around the table was a Target clearance find from a couple of years ago. I knew it was going to come in handy one of these years!

Simple Sports Theme Birthday Party - Baseball and Basketball Cupcakes
Simple Sports Theme Birthday Party

Do you stick to a theme for your kid's birthday parties? Do you go all out, or do you keep it pretty simple? Tell me below!


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