Inspiring Home Space 7.7.14

The Inspiration:

This space had everything I like in a bedroom. It is calm and relaxing, has a fun pop of color (actually this space has two) and has lots of bright sunlight pouring in. It looks like the perfect retreat after a long day, but colors also make it a refreshing space to wake up to every morning.

To set the calm and relaxing tone for the space, give the walls a coat of mid-tone neutral, they used tan, but I think a gray tone would look great as well. If you are looking to buy a new bed, an upholstered headboard in a complimentary neutral shade would be your best pick. If you are more of a DIYer, build a simple rectangular shape headboard and cover it with lots of batting and neutral fabric (if you are adventurous, then definitely give the tufting a try, it will only add to the luxury feel of the bed).

This is also the perfect place for a light colored area rug, it will define your sleeping space, and add to the cozy feeling of the room. For above your bed, find a piece (or two or three) of artwork that you love. Pick a couple of colors from those pieces to inspire the brighter colors to bring the space to life.

Nothing makes a bed more appealing than crisp white sheets, although I would opt for a non-white duvet or comforter. I would go with a light muted pattern for the duvet or comforter and bring in a bright dash of color with a throw at the end of the bed. Add a couple of pillows in other bright, complimentary color and your bed is done.

For the windows, I would find a blackout curtain in a similar color to the walls and then add a sheer panel underneath. That way during the day you can let the sun pour in, without having losing privacy and at night you can sleep like a baby.


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