Inspiring Home Space 7.21.14

The Inspiration:

I don't know what it is right now, but I am just loving living and family room spaces that use bright dashes of color! This relaxing and neutral toned space is so inviting and just makes you want to sit down and hang out for a while. While those citrusy floating shelves inject a fun burst of color to the space, without drawing too much attention and overpowering the rest of the space.

I think as homeowners, when you are furniture shopping for large pieces for your living spaces, you really want something not too flashy that is going to go with everything (I include myself in this group). So, you probably have a cream/white, tan or gray colored sofa or chairs, so let's start with that base.

Focusing on the main seating areas first, pick a somewhat bright or bold color, like the blue here for example, and make or purchase a few pillows that use that color. Mix up the patterns and toss in a solid colored one or two as well. The trick with mixing the pattern is to sure that all the patterns share at least one common color, and vary the sizes of the patterns. (You don't want all large patterns, or all teeny tiny patterns, mix those suckers up!)

Now for that fun little section of wall! First, notice that it is not taking up a huge wall, this is just a small section of the space, and it is also right next to the windows, which is going to help wash out a little bit of the brightness. Second, notice the color of the walls; the cream color is going to mute the brightness a little bit as well. If you have bright white walls, or darker walls, these colors are definitely going to pop more (not a bad thing, just something to consider). The shelves are just simple floating shelves, nothing ornate or  artsy, just plain and simple. Pick 3 bright citrusy, not quite neon, colors and paint your shelves. Then to style them use almost all white items, but toss in just one or two items in an equally bright, but not matching color. Bringing in a little bit of green from nature (real or fake) keeps the colors grounded as well. Keep the rest of the accessories in the room neutral and minimal, and even bring in some wood tones to balance the bright colors.

This is a fun space with that little dose of unexpected color. What do you think about those bright colors freshening up the space?


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