Inspiring Home Space 7.14.14

The Inspiration:

I must say, the more I do these posts, the more I am loving them. It is amazing that I can scroll through picture after picture, and I can just instantly know when I have found the one I want to share. This space was no exception.

This room was created as a kid centered family space. Along with the sunlight streaming in, that sapphire accent wall definitely makes the room bright and happy. Keeping the larger furniture pieces white, keeps the long room from feeling too narrow or closed in, and it allows for a couple of fun multi-colored chairs and brightly colored pillows to to become focal points in the room.

Let's start with that beautiful wall. 
If you are not one to shy away from bold wall colors, then I totally suggest jumping in and painting a focal wall in a shade similar to this beautiful blue, but keep all the other walls white. I would pick a wall that has a window or two, like in the inspiration above, to break up the color a bit and keep it from becoming too overwhelming. If you love the color, but are anxious about painting a wall this bright, I would find or make a large scale painting or piece of art that boldly shows off that color. (Hint: Keep the art cheap and just go by a sample pot of the paint color you like, and pick up a few large canvases in a couple of different sizes, paint them and hang them on the wall in a random pattern.)

To get the same feel with the furniture without buying new, place white slipcovers on your existing furniture and then have fun with patterns and color for the pillows. I would even look for a throw blanket in a complimentary bright color or pattern to toss over a chair or the arm of the couch.

Concealed storage is the other thing that makes this a super family friendly kid space. No one wants to look at a messy shelf or over-filled storage bins. But, you want the kids to have easy access to their toys and games without always needing to ask for help. Using an entertainment center with doors is a good option, as well as using kitchen or bathroom cabinets. You can get unfinished cabinets at Home Depot or Lowes, or you can check out a place like the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for cheap cabinets that need a home. All that you would need to do is prime and paint them, add a piece of wood to the top and securely attach them to the wall.

Keeping the walls and furniture simple makes this space both adult and kid friendly. And if you get tired of the pillow or wall color, it is an easy update.



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