Road Trips Must Haves To Make Travel With Kids Easy

Must Haves to Make Road Trips with Kids Easy - One Mile Home Style

We decided to take the boys on a short weekend road trip to the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson, Kansas last weekend. It was a short and sweet little getaway, and to make it more enjoyable, I packed a basket full of goodies for the boys to keep the "I'm bored" and "Are we there yet?" chatter at bay.

Road trip ready with kids

The key to making this work is not letting them see everything that is going into the basket until they get in the car. I put in a few books and notepads they already owned, but there were some new ones in there too, and I put snacks in that we don't usually have around the house too.

Road trip basket for kids - books, games and snacks

I made a trip to the local Dollar Tree to get the baskets to keep everything organized. I picked up a basket that would fit between the seats in the back of the car and then found these handy little drawer organizers to keep the little things in the basket all neat and tidy.

Dollar Tree baskets to organize road trip treats

Then came time to fill that basket with goodies for the kids:

Brain Games Books - Road trip fun with kids

Travel Bingo Game - Road Trip fun with kids

Road trip snacks for kids

Here is a quick list of what we packed in the kids' basket (starred items are affiliate links):
Blank Notebooks
Colored Pencils
Earbuds for watching movies
Cereal Bars
Cheese & Crackers
Fruit Leather
Bottled Water

I used one of the smaller organizers to contain all the pencils and colored pencils, along with the erasers and pencil sharpener.

Organizing pencils in the car for a road trip kit

The other small organizers corralled the earbuds and kept the snacks within easy reach.

Organized kids road trip basket - snacks

Organized kids road trip kit - books and games

 There are also a few other road trip necessities that are not just for the kids:

Road Trip Must Haves

Mom's road trip necessity - magazines

Wet Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
Small First Aid Kit
Phone Charger
Plastic Bags for Trash
Plastic Bowl (in case of car sickness, we learned this lesson the hard way, better safe than sorry on this one)
Magazines to keep mommy entertained

Road trips with kids

Looks like they had a good time! Watch for the overview of our trip later this week! What are your road trip must haves?


  1. Great ideas for keeping things organized with the Dollar Store bins. Our stuff ends up all over the back seat! Did your kids like the Aldi cheese and crackers packets? I've wanted to try those...

    1. Thanks Kelli! Yes, they did like the cheese and crackers, this was the first time we had tried them and they went over well.


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