Month In Review - May

Wow! Another month has just flown by. We are knee deep in baseball practices and games right now and the weeks just feel like they are flying by. I hate to even say it, but before we know it we will be looking back saying how fast the summer has gone by.

Let's slow down for a moment and take a look back at what happened around here in the month of May.

We started the month off by creating a Sweet Teacher Appreciation Gift to thank the special teachers in our boys' lives.
Sweet Teacher Appreciation Gift - Dove Chocolate and Target Card

Then, since I tend to be a little accident prone around the oven, I planted a beneficial succulent, Aloe to be exact. Now when I burn a finger, which I have been know to do, I have something handy to help soothe the burn.
Aloe plant in bright blue flower pot

To close out the month with a bang, I first posted a teaser on our updated deck space, and then I finally revealed our updated outdoor space. We have definitely been taking advantage of the extra space, and now that it looks nice there is definitely more of a draw to enjoy the nice weather out there.
Deck Space - After  -  Green Chairs White Tables

Did you do any fun projects, large or small, around your home last month? 


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