Kansas Road Trip - Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center

Now that you have your car all packed with goodies to keep the kids occupied for a few hours, let's get on the road! 

We have decided that instead of taking the kids on one big vacation this year, we are going to take them on weekend road trips to explore all the fun things to do in this great state of ours, KANSAS! I like the idea of little weekend trips, they let you get out and explore, without being rushed to see too many things in too few of days. We can take our time, and discover new things within a few hours of home.

Cosmosphere - Walking in Neil Armstrong's footsteps

Our first trip was to Hutchinson to check out the Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center. The hubby and I have been to Hutchinson more times than I can count, and yet we had never been to the Cosmosphere. Let me tell you, this place is awesome! What kid, young or old, would not be excited to learn more about the stars in the sky, and see parts of shuttles that have literally, "Been to the moon and back"?

 If you go (which I highly recommend), plan to spend about 4 hours here. Not only is the museum full of all kinds of amazing displays and artifacts, there is a planetarium, rocket science lab, flight simulator and movie theater! The boys really liked the planetarium and the science lab, and I could have spent a couple more hours walking through the museum, particularly the Apollo 13 exhibits. 

Don't these two cheesey guys look like they are having a good time?!

Kansas Road Trip - Cosmosphere

The Cosmosphere was definitely a great first trip, and we totally plan to come back again. We walked out learning more about sky above us, how rockets work and gained an appreciation for everything that goes into putting a shuttle into space.

If you are from Kansas, or plan on being in Kansas, I would put a stop in Hutchinson on your list of things to do!


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