Inspiring Home Space 6.30.14

The Inspiration:

This little burst of pattern adds fun to this space without being overwhelming. It also provides more details on the shelving without needing to load them up with lots of "stuff".

This is a fun and easy update that you can make to any bookcase or built-in shelving, any where in your home. If you are shy about bringing in a new color or playing with pattern, this is the place to do it. You can achieve this look with no commitment by simply wrapping cardboard with the background of your choice and placing it behind the shelves.

The fun part is picking out your pattern, think outside the box on this one. You could just go to the fabric store and pick something out, or you can use a curtain panel, tablecloth or fabric shower curtain that has a nice pattern you like. You could also use wrapping paper, contact paper, or create your own art to show-off in the background.

Keep the shelf styling simple, a few books, a couple of small vases or glass containers and a piece of artwork or two, to bring in some of the other colors in your space. And then you are done! That is, until you decide to change it up again!


  1. How fun! This gives me a great idea for hutch that was passed down to me from my mom. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Thea! I'm so happy to hear that you have been inspired to update your hutch. Thanks for stopping by!


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