Inspiring Home Space 6.23.14

The Inspiration:
Transitional Dining Room by Vancouver Interior Designers & Decorators Cyndi Parker Interiors

This space is so fun! I love that it takes a traditional looking dining area and furniture and by simply adding a couple of  bright shades of one color, the space is transformed into a fun and relaxed room.

If you love this space and want to make it your own, the first thing you must do, is decide what your favorite color is (or what color do you want to bring into your space). This is not going to be the color you put all over your walls, or even use in every accessory. To truly make the color have that "WOW" factor, you have to use it in small doses throughout your home, but make the color bold. 

Start with a neutral wall color, gray is popular, and not matter how light or dark, it makes a great canvas for other colors. Keep you table either the natural wood tone that it is, or I would suggest refinishing it white and adding a glaze. Here is where is gets fun; take that bright color you picked and paint your dining room chairs! If you have 6 or 8 chairs, paint only 2 and slipcover the rest, if you only have 2 or 4 I say paint them all.

Use your color again for your curtains in this room and you are all set. They key to making it look purposeful and thought out is to use this color in adjoining spaces as well. Add a couple of pillows in the living room with this color, and also bring in a few small accessories for the living room and kitchen as well.

So, imagine this is your blank slate to work with, what color would you choose? I did something similar in my dining room, you can see it here.


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