Planting a Beneficial Succulent

Aloe plant in bright blue flower pot

Here lately everywhere you look there are succulents. And there seems to be an endless array of types too. After a random "date night" trip to Home Depot I found myself admiring all the pretty succulents trying to decide if I was going to jump on the bandwagon. 

I decided  if I was going to get one of these plants, I was going to not only by one that is nice to look at, it should be beneficial too. So, we came home with a newly adopted aloe plant (I tend to be slightly accident prone with the oven, so this plant will come in very handy).

Here are my supplies: small pebbles, potting soil, flower pot & saucer and an aloe plant.

Succulent planting supplies - soil, pebbles, aloe

These plants don't like a lot of water so pebbles in the bottom 1/3 of the flower pot will help with drainage and keep the soil from staying too wet.

Pebbles in flower pots for drainage

Add your plant and soil and water slightly, and then it is ready for a nice sunny spot. I added pebbles to the saucer to: 1) Keep the curious cats from playing in any of the water that may collect and 2) I think it adds nice detail to the plant and flower pot.

Aloe plant in a bright blue flower pot

Aloe plant in a bright blue flower pot

Do you have any succulents in your home? Which ones do you have?


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