Outdoor Space - Sneak Peek

How about a very small sneak peek and a whole lot of flowery eyecandy for some mid-week fun? A couple of weeks ago we went to our favorite local plant farm and stocked up on annuals for our flower pots. I always let the boys help me pick a few that they like to mix in with the ones that I have picked out.

Bright Mix of Annuals

I am going to keep this post super light on the text today and just share pictures of the pretty flowers we picked out and a sneak peek of the progress on the freshening up of our deck space.


Bright Mix of Potted Annuals

Marigolds, Golden Yellow Lantana and Lobelia

Lemon Verbena, Lavender and Alyssum

Lemon Verbena

Lavender and Alyssum

Deck Space Sneak Peek - Green Chairs and Brown Rug


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