Outdoor Space - REVEAL!

I think I have been teasing you all long enough about my outdoor space update, both here on the blog and through the little peeks on Instagram. So, let's get this show on the road!

Here is how our deck started:

Deck Space - Before

We had it professionally cleaned and restained last fall so that it would be good to go this spring. I picked up the bright green chairs at Target last year, so we would have better seating options, and they were a good starting point for the bright fun color I wanted in this space. 

Here is how it looks now:

Deck Space - After  -  Green Chairs White Tables

In my summer to-do/wishlist, updating the deck space was on the list, but honestly, I figured I might get a new table or something small and call it good. I really wanted a rug, but, I don't know if you have ever shopped for rugs, they are stinkin' EXPENSIVE! I tried a 5ft x 7ft rug out here last and it was too small, so I was pretty sure I was not getting a bigger one,  I am way too cheap to shell out hundreds of dollars on an outdoor rug. 

But, looky what I have! A 6.5ft x 9.5ft rug that fits my deck space perfectly! Take a guess how much I spent on that sucker, go ahead, I'll wait... I spent all of $49 on that baby! (And, of all places, I bought it at Aldi. I tell you, that place gets some interesting stuff in there sometimes.)

The rug is the perfect grounding piece for this space (see what I did there?). It provides some much needed pattern out here, but the color let's the bright chairs and white tables really stand out.

Outdoor living space with green chairs and khaki rug

Here is my view from inside the house:

Outdoor living space with green chairs

Outdoor living space with green chairs

This super fun little table was made by my handy hubby, see the how-to here. I just told him how big I wanted the top to be, and that I just wanted it to be a simple design. A short time later, I had a perfect table for the space, all made from scrap wood pieces. I thought the stripes would be fun, and bring some the the colors I use inside our home to our outdoor space.

White, Navy and Citron striped outdoor table - deck space

White, Navy and Citron striped outdoor table - deck space

White, Navy and Citron striped outdoor table

The other table on our deck I got from a neighbor that refinishes furniture. It was originally all black, I updated it to fit our space by painting the top white and slightly distressing it.

Deck Space with green chairs and white tables

 I am in love with this space now. It was a really simple and totally inexpensive update to the space, which makes me and my checkbook very happy!

Outdoor Space Update - After

Do you have an outdoor space that you are updating this spring? If you already did an update, were you able to score any great deals to keep the cost down? Please share!


  1. Love the pops of color. So nice to have an outdoor space to enjoy, isn't it?

    1. Thank you! I do love having this outdoor space to relax.

  2. I love the beachy colors of the cute table your husband made.

  3. I love your new space! The bright green chairs are so cheery! I love the new little table too! Thanks for linking up to my Creative Ways Link Party!

  4. what a great space, the rug makes it! we just built a small patio, and i can't wait to get the rug i ordered for it. makes it so much more of a room.

  5. Such a well put together outdoor space!! I LOVE the little table you and your husband made!! Simple and so so cute!


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