Springtime Decorating

Daffodils - Spring is in the air

Hooray! I think spring may have finally decided to stick around for a while. I am so over the snow and cold weather, I am a warm weather girl. I took the picture above a couple of weeks ago, right as my daffodils where beginning to bloom (if you look closely on the right side of the picture you can see the remnants of our last snow).

Once my outdoor flowers start blooming and I begin to see the starts of green on the trees I can't wait to start opening my windows and get some spring updates going on. The first thing on my list for spring updates is changing out the curtains in the living room. In the fall and winter I put up heavier, lined curtain panels (you can get a peek of them in this post), and for spring and summer I put up my lighter linen curtains. (Our living room windows face the east so, I don't have to worry about keeping out the hot summer sun, otherwise I would use lined curtains.) And, since we have been battling snow, I was desperate for some plants in our space, so I picked up a couple of stems of greenery and a faux succulent from Michaels a few weeks back.

Green linen curtains and spring greenery

Once I finally put away the pinecones and winter decor, the piano was looking a little bare. I broke out my paints and whipped up a bright and springy painting to hang on the barnboard display, and filled an oversized vase with yarn balls in complimentary colors.

Green and blue painting

Yarn ball display in an oversized vase

I tend to not really go all out with Easter decorations. I put up my DIY Paintchip Easter Tree, see how I made it here, and I filled my green basket with a few bright plastic eggs. Not super flashy, but it does add a fun little dash of color to the entryway.

Paintchip Easter Tree and basket of Easter eggs

 Do you change up your home decor for the seasons, or do you just go all out for the holidays?


  1. I like your simple updates, and your paint chip tree is too cute! I do change things up seasonally, but more so with different colored and patterned throw pillows, fresh flowers, etc. I don't do a lot of holiday-specific decorating, except at Christmas!

  2. Everything here is beautiful most especially the DIY paintchip Easter tree! It’s great to stumble upon in your blog, and sharing spring inspiration. I have a white vase in my cabin, exactly like yours. Beautiful!

    Sebastian Chuter


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