Sorry for being M.I.A. last week. I am super busy at work right now, which means I just want to relax and enjoy my family when I get home. And, my kids have been passing some sort of bug back and forth over the last couple of weeks,so when I am not at work, I am home with a sick kid or two. So that's been fun, fingers crossed that I can continue to avoid it.

I totally intended to have my regular Monday post up this morning, but I spent most of my entire day yesterday in the recliner with my leg elevated after a basement cleaning mishap. (FYI: shin-tall TV stands and carrying boxes are not a good combination. I'm still pretty sore, but I think I will be back to "normal" in a couple more days.) So yeah, I didn't get anything done after mid-morning yesterday. It was pretty difficult for me to just sit and do nothing all day, definitely not my personality at all.

So, this is just a post to check in and let those of you that follow me know that I am still here. I will have a new post up for you on Wednesday, and hopefully will be back on track with regular posts, barring any cleaning or blogging related injuries!


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