Boxing Up Counter Clutter

 Counter Organization

We don't have an office (or a junk drawer for that matter) in our home. I am working on creating an office space in our basement, but at the moment it is buried in painting supplies, fabric and actually some random office supplies. 

Even if I ever do get the office space finished, we would still need to have a space to keep a few supplies within easy reach. I keep extra pens, post-its and clips neatly corralled on the kitchen counter, near our command center.

Pens in a jar and office supplies in a box

I keep pens and pencils in a clear jar, and I used my favorite washi tape to pretty up a few small boxes. One of the boxes holds post-its, notepads and extra binder clips.

Notepads and post-its in a decorative box

The other boxes keep box tops and soup labels neatly concealed until the boys are ready to turn them in at school. Those little things used to be all over the counter in piles and various plastic bags, now they are all organized in one spot and hidden away too.

Box top and soup label organization

Here is the space in action. I love that it is all tidy looking and it doesn't take up very much space at all.

Countertop office supply storage and organization

Do you hide all of your office supplies in a junk drawer, or do have to get crafty with your storage?


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