Monday Pinspiratons

While we are stuck inside trying to staying warm due to the crazy cold temps we are having, I have been revisiting my Gardening and Outdoor Spaces Pinterest boards. (Barely single digits and minus double digit windchills, seriously I do not want to leave the house.) I am so ready for spring and summer, I like winter weather around Christmas and then I am over it. 

I am daydreaming of warm weather and spending some quality time outside. Who am I kidding, I'm also daydreaming about getting my hands dirty in my flowerbeds and maybe DIYing a couple of projects too. 

I need to get this book. Our backyard has a massive slope to it and no one likes to mow it, maybe I will find a good alternative in here.
Beautiful No-Mow Yards: 50 Amazing Lawn Alternatives from Timber Press
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Maybe this would be a good option? Less mowing and I would have the garden space that I really need.
Lovely hillside garden, steps & slide.  I would extend the steps so that they are more like stadium seating.
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I need these.
Set of two indoor/outdoor nesting tables with latticework bases.
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And a couple of these, too.
Watch the world go by in this classic Adirondack chair, offering a convenient folding design for simple storage.
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And while we're at it, I need to build one of these too.
How to Build a Fire Pit

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Are you dreaming of summer yet?


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