Monday Pinspirations

In place of my usual Monday Pinspirations, I am sharing this funny, but true, ecard with you.

If re-organizing my Pinterest boards counts at being productive, then yes, I had a very productive day.

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Do you ever clean up your Pinterest boards? My Pinterest boards are in desperate need of reorganizing and re-evaluating. I like to occasionally get rid of pins that are just taking up space, it makes the boards so much easier to navigate when I am looking for something. It also is a chance for me to make sure the pins are still relevant to myself and my family.

I want to make sure that I can find what I am looking for, and you as a follower can find inspiration easily. My boards are a reflection of what my style is and what I want it to be, it's also a reflection of me, so I want to keep them filled with fun and inspiring ideas.

Nothing like a little spring cleaning to get the creative juices going again. Maybe I will find a long lost project idea that needs to be done.


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