Outdoor Lighting for Under $25

If you follow along on my "behind the blog" adventures on Instagram, you have seen that we spent some time at Home Depot this weekend gathering ideas and pricing for our Master Bedroom Closet update. We also found a completely unrelated deal that was too good to pass up, isn't that the way it always is?

So, a little history before I reveal my amazing deal. This light fixture on our deck (there is a matching one for the patio below the deck as well) makes me crazy. Our builder did not use outdoor appropriate screws on it, so they were all nice and rusty, awesome...Also the light bulb burned out and I was secretly hoping that we could just replace the whole fixture anyway instead of just changing the bulb, efficient aren't I? 

Behold the builder grade outdoor light fixture in all it's glory:

Outdoor Light Fixture - Before

Outdoor Light Fixture - Before

On a little clearance table at the end of the lighting section sat two of these beauties. Online price on these is $44.97 each, our store had them for $11.97 each because they don't carry the black finish version of these in the store. So for well under the price of one online, we got two. Score for us! We grabbed them both (the patio light will be changed out soon)!

Shaker Cove Mission Outdoor Light

Replacing these outdoor lights was on my to-do list for when the weather warmed up. But at this price, it was too good to pass up. So, while the weather was warm (50-ish degrees is a heat wave after the last few weeks we have had around here) the hubby and I changed up the deck light in about 10 minutes. 

I love it! It looks so much better than what was there before, and it adds some personality to the space. I can't wait to bring out all the furniture and start using this space again.

Outdoor Lighting - After  Mission Light  Black Finish

Outdoor Lighting - After  Mission Light  Black Finish

Outdoor Lighting - After  Mission Light  Black Finish

How about a quick side-by-side? I just feel like the space is more finished looking now, and since we have a working light bulb out there now we can see outside again!

Outdoor Lighting - Before & After

 Have you found any great deals on materials for any of your home projects lately?


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