How To Create a Gallery Wall

Black and White Framed Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are super popular right now, and they are great way to add a personal touch to a bare wall in your home. When I repainted my living room, I took the time to really put some thought into the layout of our gallery wall. As opposed to my before photo below, where I just put pictures up without any real thought.

Gallery Wall - Before

There were some serious issues with the before version of the gallery wall. Where to start: photos too close together, too high up on the wall, no real flow with the mix of art and photos, etc.

Before I put holes in my freshly painted walls I wanted to make sure I only had to do this once. I grabbed all the frames I wanted to use and traced their outlines onto large sheets of paper and cut them all out. I also marked on the paper where the hanging hardware was located on each frame. Then it was just a matter of putting the puzzle together and deciding what configuration I liked best. Once I had the templates laid out like I wanted, I taped them to the wall with painters tape, made sure my marks for the hanging hardware were level and then it was time to put some holes in the wall. I nailed right through the paper where I marked the location of the hardware, so easy! 

Gallery wall how-to -  paper templates

I tore the paper off the wall, hung my frames and ta-da! My new gallery wall! Looks so much better than the first version of my gallery wall.

Gallery Wall - After

Black and White Gallery Wall - After

Black and White Gallery Wall - After

While there may not necessarily be hard and fast rules on how to create a gallery wall, I wanted to leave you with a few guidelines that can make it easier for you to create a beautiful gallery wall in your home.

>> Stick to only one or two colors of frames
>> Don't be afraid to use frames in a variety of shapes and sizes
>> Mix a few art pieces in with your photos, or vice versa
>> Give your frames some space, don't crowd them all together
>> Unless you are doing and entire wall, floor to ceiling, keep the center of your grouping at eye level (some pictures will be above eye level and others will be below)
>> Remember, rules are made to be broken, make your gallery wall a reflection of you, your home and your style

Black and White Gallery Wall How To

Do you have a gallery wall in your home? I would love to see your gallery walls, please feel free to share links to your gallery walls in the comments below.

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  1. Thank you for posting this :) came out amazing !!! Might have to try fix our walls now !!!


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