Tricky Bathroom Art

Brush your teeth & wash your hands - bathroom sign

There are so many cute bathroom signs all over Pinterest. I was inspired by them to add more art to the boys' bathroom, but a lot of them were just too cutesy for me. Let's be real, I have 2 boys, ages 7 and 5, the signs I really need in the bathroom are: "Toothpaste goes on your toothbrush, not the wall and countertop", "Don't pee on the floor" and "Did you remember to flush?".

I decided to go the nice route and just give them a gentle reminder to brush their teeth and wash their hands, but I gave it a fun twist. I started with a square 12"x12"canvas and painted it a silvery green to match the bathroom decor.

Silvery green canvas - bathroom art

Here is where it starts getting to the "tricky" part. Once the paint dried, I flipped my canvas over and used scrapbook stickers (yes, I am a non-scrapbooker with a stash of scrapbooking stickers) to write out my sign.

Bathroom art lettering how-to

Once I had my lettering spaced and centered as I wanted, I needed to get those letters onto the front of my canvas. I used a box that was a little smaller than the canvas and placed a flashlight inside, then I laid my canvas over the top of it. Then it was just a matter of carefully tracing the letters with black paint onto the right side of the canvas.

Lightbox to trace letters on canvas - bathroom art

Awesome! I just painted all those letters onto my canvas backwards. What?!

Brush Your Teeth & Wash Your Hands - Bathroom Art

But wait...see what I did there? My awesome backwards artwork hangs on the wall opposite of the mirror in the bathroom. Those little boys can't miss the message when they look into the mirror! (Hi There!)

Brush Your Teeth & Wash Your Hands - Bathroom Art

Brush Your Teeth & Wash Your Hands - Bathroom Art

What a tricky little piece of artwork! I got a good laugh from the boys when they figured out what it said too!

Brush Your Teeth & Wash Your Hands - Bathroom Art

Do you have artwork in your bathrooms? If you made a sign for your bathroom, what would it say?


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