Month in Review - November

Before we get into full-on Christmas mode around here, let's take a quick look back at the month of November.

In an effort to continue decorating up until the last possible second, I kept on decorating for fall with some super great finds from Michaels the day after Halloween.
Gold pumpkin and green basket fall decor

And, I kept on decorating by putting the finishing touches on my Thanksgiving "mantle".
Simple Thanksgiving Decor

My new pillow covers that I won arrived this month! Love them!
White and Charcoal covered pillow

I showed that height really can make a difference when hanging pictures and art on your walls.
Picture Hanging - at eye level

Alright, we are on to the next holiday. I'm warning you now, be prepared for holiday overload around here! I am going to sneak in an awesome reveal of a non-holiday project this month too! Stay tuned!


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