Where do you find inspiration?

*Warning: This is kind of a wordy/rambling post and there are no pictures.* 

Inspiration is everywhere, even more so now that social media keeps everything updated 24/7. At times I find myself overwhelmed with the amount of information that is available. This weekend I honestly checked my email maybe twice, got on Pinterest once to look up a pinned recipe and didn't check my blog or read any blogs until Sunday night.

It was really nice to disconnect a little. We hit up a couple of garage sales, took the boys to watch a 25+ year old tree get cut down at my parents house (Very exciting!) and had a relaxing dinner and evening of playing cards with friends. I got the boys to help me with a few cleaning jobs around the house, and I even managed to squeeze in a couple of hours of trying to catch up on some magazines.

Of all things I find I miss most with this overabundance of social media, it's sitting down and reading magazines. It is so much easier to jump on my phone or Kindle and cruise Pinterest for a few minutes, hop over to Bloglovin' and see what new blog posts are up, or mindlessly scan Instagram to see what people are up to. It takes more effort to keep a magazine with me...

I did get to thinking though about where I like to draw my inspiration from. Even from the very beginning I always looked to magazines. There is just something about holding it in your hands and seeing those glossy pages. Before Pinterest (and I still even do it now) I kept an expanding file organized with pages I have torn from those magazines; paint colors, furniture, room designs, artwork and outdoor ideas. Some of my favorite magazines that I draw inspiration from are:

> Better Homes and Gardens
>HGTV Magazine
>House Beautiful
>Country Living
>Midwest Living
>This Old House

Each of these magazines offers a little something different, and I always find something in each of them each month that gets mind going.

I do love social media for the quick and easy availability of inspiration from all over the world. Pinterest has been a great resource for ideas, and it is nice to be able to pull something I pinned up on my phone when I am out and need to reference an idea or recipe. The more I blog the more I find other bloggers that have some really amazing ideas. It is so fun to see what other people are up to and how they put their own spin on something to make it more personal for their space. 

The most important thing to remember with all of this that moderation is key. Sometime you just have to sit down and take in everything around you and inspiration will strike. I love looking at pretty glossy pictures and seeing what is popular on the interwebs, but sometimes you need to just be inspired by your surroundings.

Sorry for the long rambling post (and lack of pictures). I will be back at it on Wednesday with a new post for you. If you are still with me, please tell me in the comments, where do you like to find inspiration for your home?


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