Simple Thanksgiving Vignette

Fall Pumpkins and Thanksgiving Turkeys

Now that all the Halloween decorations are put away, it is time to change things up again and bring out a few more fall touches for Thanksgiving. I moved around some of the fall decorations that I originally shared here, some stayed and some got moved to other parts of the house. 

I found a great printable that I added my own touch to with some colored pencils, and turned it into a pretty fabulous Thanksgiving bunting.

Thankful bunting with blue and green accents

This was my first attempt at chalkboard lettering, I kept it simple for this go round, not too bad, but I definitely need to work on my spacing a little bit. These little DIYchalkboard trays are going to be a lot of fun and get a ton of use through the holidays!

In all things, give thanks chalkboard art

Here is the entire vignette all together. I just love how a few simple pieces from around the house can pull together the entire look. No need to run out and buy new things, just shopping your home for a few things can give you a whole new look.

Simple Thanksgiving Decor

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving, or do you go straight from Halloween to Christmas?


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