Height Really Does Matter

I am sure everyone who has ever hung a picture knows that you are supposed to hang it at eye level. Seeing as I am on the not-so-tall side (all 5'2" of me), I tend to hang pictures/artwork a little higher than my eye level. I thought maybe if I hung things at my eye level it would be too short for everyone else. But, I have found that I am wrong.

I didn't really notice too much until I did this post and I was editing the pictures that realized that the picture in the dining room was hung too high. There was too much space between the bottom of the picture and the top of the cabinet, it looked awkward. And maybe since I look at it everyday I just didn't notice until I saw a picture of it.

So to prove that height really does matter when you are hanging pictures and artwork, let's do a quick before and after.

Picture Hanging - above eye level

Picture Hanging - at eye level

Ahhh, so much better now! It really pulls the entire area together into one cohesive grouping, there is not such a break between the cabinet top decor and wall decor.

Do you think it makes a big difference in the overall look when the picture is lowered? Are you guilty like I am of hanging pictures and artwork too high? I challenge you to take a look at your walls (and if it helps, break out your camera to get a new perspective) and see if your pictures/artwork need to be taken down a notch.


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