Fresh Basket Storage

Black, green and navy baskets

I have not been shy about my obsession  love of baskets (there is an entire blog post about it here). I had this set of 3 nesting baskets that I really liked, but the color just was not doing it for me.

Red nesting baskets

I also have a thing for spray paint; It is such a quick way to quickly update almost anything. So, I raided my spray paint stash and found a few partially used cans that were perfect! The baskets themselves got a coat of gloss black, which was leftover from this project.

Basket trio spray painted black

The lids got a coat of lime green that I originally used on a patio table and navy blue that was used here. They add a nice little dash of color to the baskets without being shockingly bright.

Lime and navy basket lids

So much better for our space now! I'm still not 100% sure what is going to be going inside of the beauties, but for now, I am content to just look at them.

Black, navy and green basket trio

What have you spray painted lately?


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