Bathtub Organization

Clear command hook for bathtub organization

This was a quick and easy organization update that I can't believe I didn't think of sooner. 

How many of you have scrubby sponges just sitting on a ledge in your shower or bathtub, or hanging off the faucet knobs because there is no better place to put them? Yea, I sense you out there nodding your heads, we were in the same boat, see below.

Bathtub organization before command hooks

Bathtub organization before command hooks

This is in the boys' bathroom, so I needed to find something that would be easy for them to use/reach. Enter the clear 3M Command Hooks (3M doesn't know me and didn't ask me to say nice things about their product, I just really like them and wanted to share my nice comments with you). They are the perfect size hooks to hold the scrubby sponges and since the are clear, they are barely noticeable. 

Clear command hooks for bathtub organization

This organization quick fix has been a great update. The bathtub looks less cluttered, and now the sponges can be hung up and air dry. And I put them low enough that the boys can easily reach them too.

Clear command hooks to organize bath sponges

What is a quick and easy organization update you have made to your bathroom?


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