Painted Halloween Bottles

Black and White Painted Bottles - Halloween

Are you all ready for Halloween? The boys have their costumes, I picked up candy that we will attempt to not eat until next week, aaaaand I am still decorating. I am just one of those people who continually updates and adds holiday decor up until the day of. Am I the only person who does that?

I had a couple of old soda bottles that were screaming for a paint job (and maybe a bath too). 

Old soda bottles - before

Both bottles got a couple of light coats of white paint, and they were looking brand new.

White painted bottle

This bottle here with its extra detailing was destined to get another color. I thought at first, the white would be enough to bring out the details, but it definitely needed a little something more. 

White painted bottle prepped for color

There we go, much better! The black paint made this bottle live up to its potential for sure. The details stand out and this is now a statement piece. (Feel free to say hi to my photo-bomber over there!)

Black and White Painted Soda Bottle

I think they make a nice subtle addition to the Halloween decor, don't you? (I am thinking these are going to be versatile decorating pieces and will most likely make an appearance at other holidays.)

Shelves with Halloween Decor

Black and White Painted Bottles with Halloween Decor

 Do you have any holiday decor that you use for more than one holiday?


  1. These would be great for New Year's Eve, too!

    1. They definitely would, I am totally going to use them in my Christmas decor this year too! Thanks for stopping by!



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