Updated Entryway Mirror

Oak framed mirror with pegs - before

So, because I am such an awesome blogger this is the before picture that you get of this mirror. I apparently forgot to take a picture of it hanging on the wall in the entryway where it lives. Anyhoo, I am on a kick of painting a lot of the smaller wood pieces in our home. I really like look of painted chairs, tables and cabinets, and also painted frames and shelves. It brings more color into the space and also gives the individual items, and the space, a more personalized feel.

If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen that this was not the only victim wood stained item that received a coat of primer on one of the cooler days we had a week or two ago. With the mirror all taped up good and a can of spray primer in my hand I was ready for business.

Prepping the mirror for primer

Mirror with a coat of primer

I did my best with these after pictures...Normally I would apologize for them not being great, but not today. We have been enjoying the much cooler and rainy weather (we definitely needed it) here the last couple of days, so I was working with what natural light I had. 

I chose to use the same graphite color that I used on the master bedroom wall. I think it makes this mirror a little more sophisticated brings a little more depth to the space. I am working on finalizing the color that is going on the walls in this space, and I think this color is going to look really nice with the new wall color.

Dark gray framed mirror

Dark gray wall mirror detail

Dark gray mirror in entryway

 What are your thoughts on painting wood home decor items? Do you leave everything natural, paint it all, or have a combination of both throughout your home?


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