Red & Blue Party

                                  Red & Blue Birthday Party Sweets

Let's take a look back at another birthday party from the past that we did for the boys. (Other parties here, here and here.) Being the big Jayhawk fans that we are (Rock Chalk!) the boys asked for a Red and Blue party for one of their parties last year.  Instead of only having on choice of sweet at the party, we set- up a dessert bar and guests could pick their treat. 

The main cake was inspired by this recipe, I cheated and just used a box cake mix and chocolate frosting. I also cut the Kit Kat bars in half so they didn't tower over the top of the cake, and I went to the extra step of going through a couple of bags of M&M minis and picking out all of the reds and blues. It was hit with the party guests, there was not a single piece of this cake left!

Blue and Red M&M and Kit Kat Cake

For those who were not interested in going into a chocolate coma, I made sugar cookies with red sprinkles mixed into half of them and blue mixed into the other half.

Red and blue sugar cookies

We also had red velvet cupcakes (a favorite in our house) with cream cheese frosting and, you guessed it, red and blue sprinkles. And for anyone looking for a lighter option we had an angel food cake and sliced strawberries too.

Red velvet cupcakes with red and blue sprinkles

How do you handle the sweet treats at your birthday parties? Do you have one treat, like a cake, or do you have multiple sweet treats to choose from?


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