Cold Gear Storage

Plastic Woven Basket

Even though it is not "officially" fall, when the calendar changes to September in my mind it is now fall. I sorted through the boys winter hats and gloves to see what we had and if we needed anything. I was getting annoyed with the baskets we were using to store hats and gloves, they were no longer making the cut as a good storage option. As the boys are getting bigger so are their hats and gloves, so we needed some type of storage that still gave us room to grow. (And, the bright red color wasn't doing it for me anymore either, hello painting project!)

Red Stacking Baskets to store hats and gloves

I went to our local Tuesday Morning (which, by the way, is a great place to find home decor and organization items very inexpensively) and picked up this plastic woven basket and two 5-gallon sized Rubbermaid Flex Totes for right around $20 total. (*Tuesday Morning and Rubbermaid don't know me, I just like them both and wanted to share with you.)

Blue/White/Gray Basket & Rubbermaid Flex Totes

5 Gallon Rubbermaid Flex Totes

 Ahhhh, so much better! I was able to put all the boys hats and gloves into one tote and all of the hubby and I's hats and gloves in the other. And there is more than enough room to grow too. Everything is all sealed up and neatly organized, just waiting for the cooler weather.

Storing winter hats and gloves

The best part of this whole thing? It was totally not planned to use these together, I really liked the basket and originally I was going to put blankets in it, and most likely the flex totes were going to be put to use in the linen closet. But, looky here...those 2 totes fit perfectly, stacked on top of each other inside that basket!

It was meant to be! The colors are a much better fit in the space compared to the red baskets, and the woven plastic is very durable. This happy little accident is going to be a perfect addition in our entryway.

Winter hats and gloves storage

Plastic Woven Basket Detail

I am so happy with how this storage and organization system came along. How do you store your off-season hats, gloves, etc.?


  1. I hate to think that the cold is coming, but I know it to be true. Fall is already sneaking in here in NW PA, but for now it's still warm enough to blog with my door open! Thank you for sharing this at the Pinworthy Project Party at Planned in Pencil.

    1. Thanks for hosting the project party and thanks for stopping by!



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