Baskets, Baskets Everywhere

Let's take a trip around my home and check out one of my very favorite organizing and decorating items. BASKETS! I love using baskets all around our home and I like to try to come up with new places to use them. I can't seem to get enough either, I am always finding my way to the baskets when I am out shopping, I may not need any, but I can't help but take a look around.

Here is a run-down of the majority of the baskets that are sprinkled all over our home. (This list is not all inclusive, sorry, I am not showing you the basket in my closet that organizes my swimming suits and under things. I am also not going to subject you a picture of the heaping over wicker baskets that hold our dirty laundry.) I obviously don't stick to one specific basket type; I like plastic ones for outdoor and kid stuff, the colors are great and they are durable, I like the natural woven ones because they are classics and add nice texture to your space, and I like the metal ones because they can bring a bit of an industrial feel and can also give a little bit of a "collected over time" feeling to the space.

When I did my kitchen reorganization I used small baskets in the cabinets organize baking supplies, lunch box organizers and spices. Not only is it a fun little dash of color when you open the door, but all the smaller items are neatly corralled and easy to get to.

Baskets to organize kitchen cabinets

To keep the linens under control we keep a basket in the top of each boys' closet with two changes of sheets. This makes it easy to find the right sheets for the right room, they are exactly where they should be.

Storing kids bedding in baskets in a closet

Being on the go all spring and summer meant that there were just certain things that needed to stay in the car. We put a couple of baskets to use to keep the back of the car ready to go.

Baskets to organize the car

This wire basket is one of my favorites. It is good sized and I like to change out its contents and fill it with holiday decor. But, during the non-holiday times, it does an amazing job keeping the play-doh contained.

Play-doh stored in a wire basket

Christmas ornaments in a wire basket

I really like baskets to help keep the kids organized. If they know where something is supposed to go, they are going to be more likely to put it away when they are done with it. (Ok, who am I kidding, they still have to be reminded a couple five or six times and then they just toss it all into the top basket.) We have baskets for crayons, flash cards and stickers all in their kitchen craft area.

Crayons stored in a wicker basket

Stickers stored in a small lined basket

I ended up with this basket mostly because I liked the orange stripe (and it was on clearance at TJ Maxx). It does it nice job of keeping the remotes all together and easy to find.

Round basket with orange stripe to hold remote controls

This lidded basket holds an awesome little organizing secret in our living room. This little guy here holds all of our DVD movies right out in the open. The movies are organized neatly and we don't have to stare at rows and rows of movie boxes.

Lidded basket to store DVDs

To keep library books from wandering around the house the boys have a basket on the entryway table to keep them safe. We also keep a little bowl to hold the library cards right there with books. Everything is all in the same place together and makes getting out the door on library days much quicker.

Basket for library books and bowl for library cards

This basket became a necessity in our living room area. The boys are big fans of playing all types of card games and we needed a way to keep the cards organized and nice looking when they are left out in the open, but still give the boys easy access to them. The shape and height of this basket make it visually interesting and it's big enough to hold all the cards and not look overcrowded.

Wire basket to organize card games.

You just saw this new basket make it's appearance on the blog recently. This is what we are storing our winter hats and gloves in. It's great because it can be left out and everyone can get to it easily, but now we don't have a pile of hats or gloves cluttering up the entry floor.

Large striped basket to organize hats and gloves

This is also a fairly "new" addition to our space. If you remember this was a plain black wire basket that got a little love from a can a spray paint and a new job keeping the Wii controllers corralled. It adds a great little dash of color to this corner and again keeps everything in plain sight, but pretties it up just a bit.

Wire basket to hold video game controllers

Plastic baskets in two different sizes make another appearance out in our garage. This time we picked bright colors and organized all the outdoor toys into more manageable groups.

Plastic baskets for garage organization

What is your go-to organizing item in your home? Please tell me I am not the only one with baskets all over the house!
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  1. I love using baskets for storage too and I really love the open wire baskets you have here! I need to get more organized and revisit whats in some of my baskets because a lot of them are just junk containers right now!

    1. I love the wire baskets too! Since you can see what is in them it makes it easier to keep the contents under control.
      Thanks for stopping by!



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