Reinventing the Box #3

Reinventing the Box

Welcome back to my Reinventing the Box series. Today is a little bit of a change-up, instead of starting with a lidded Birchbox, this time we are starting with a shoebox. Last week I showed you all the new video game storage area I created in my living room. One of the items on the shelf was a box to hold the supply of video games.

I just so happened to find the perfect sized shoe box that the games would fit into just right. I removed the lid, grabbed my new favorite color of spray paint and headed outside.

Shoebox Storage - Before

I gave the box a couple of light coats of paint on the outside and just inside the top as well. After letting it dry outside for about an hour we were ready to organize!

Shoebox Storage - After

See what I mean; these games fit in this box perfectly! So for absolutely no cost, I have video game storage that is easy for the kids to use and it looks nice too!

Video game storage using a shoebox

Do you have any creative uses for shoeboxes around your home?


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