Reinventing the Box #1

Reinventing the Box

Who here knows what Birchbox is? You do? Awesome! You over there, you don't know? Then you, my friend, need to click  right here, check it out and then get started. Birchbox is a fun way to get to try out samples of all kinds of health and beauty products each month. (By the way, I am just telling you about them because I love getting my pretty box of samples in the mail each month and want to share the love, Birchbox has no idea that I am even posting this.) 

Anyhoo, all the samples come in this super cute little box each month, and me being the hoarder I am, can't bear to recycle them. I mean really, look at the inside of this beauty: 

Empty Birchbox - chevron interior

So, what I am going to do with all of these cute little boxes that I am collecting? You are going to have to keep coming back to see the answer to that one. I am starting a little series called "Reinventing the Box" that will show off all of my ideas.

The first one I have is using my fancy little box to store post-its, small notebooks and binder clips neatly. This one is pretty simple and straightforward; take a piece of washi tape long enough to cover the length of the lid and wrap around the sides of the lid. I chose to stay with the black and white polka dots, since this box resides near my kitchen command center and I use the same color tape to attach notes to the bulletin board. (I like being semi-coordinated in my decorating.) Then I just put my paper and clips in the box and it's all done.
Small box repurposed for paper organization

And here is what it looks like when it is just waiting patiently to be used. An old jar holds pens and my grandmother's owl paperweight/clip simply sit on top just waiting to be used. Everything can be accessed easily and looks neat sitting on the counter.

Old jar to hold pens and a box to hold notepads

Do you hoard boxes to use for future projects? What is your favorite way to repurpose boxes?


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