Postcard Art

Simple Postcard Art

In what seems to be my never-ending adventure in creating a gallery wall in my family room, I have been searching out inexpensive artwork to add alongside the family pictures. To keep the wall from looking like a messy hodge podge of pictures, I use black picture frames that way all the pictures have something in common.

I started with a matted picture frame that I scored for free, and paired it with postcards that came in one of my Birchbox orders.

Picture Frame and Postcards

First things first, the openings in the mats were too big for the postcards, so I grabbed my handy little paper cutter to fix that problem. I cut down a two pieces of blue paper to use as a background for the postcards.

Trimming down blue paper

I stole borrowed a glue stick from the boys' craft supplies and glued it to the center of freshly cut blue paper. Now, it will have the look of an additional mat in the frame without the hassle of measuring and cutting an actual mat.
Easy picture matting

There was a little bit of an awkward space between the two postcards and I was stumped on what to fit in the space. But, then I thought I would see if I could come up with something crafty for the space using washi tape. I cut a strip of paper slightly bigger than the space and covered it with my new gray striped tape.

Blue paper and gray washi tape

Here she is, all finished up. My freebie art project for the gallery wall. One of these days I will get more progress made on the wall and show you all how it is coming along.

Postcard art in a black frame

Do you have a gallery wall in your home? Is it all family photos, or is it a mix of photos and art?


  1. super cute love the look
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  2. Ahhh!!! I kept those post cards too thinking they would make great art for a wall. :) Glad I wasn't the only one that thought they were frame worthy. I love the way you framed them too!


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