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So, like a lot of people updating my kitchen and dining room area has been on my list of things I would like to do for a long time. Unlike a lot of people, my list of kitchen/dining room updates I am going to list here does not involve the cabinets, countertops or flooring. I have a list of easy to tackle updates that I think will make a world of difference in this space without sacrificing too much time or money.

Here is what I am starting with:

Kitchen - Stove/microwave area

Green Dining Room

I painted the kitchen about 2 years ago (Dill Weed from Martha Stewart) and I am still liking the color in this space. I also already did a quick update to one of the upper cabinets a few months back, you can see it here. The kids memo board hanging on the wall is another DIY project that adds a fun a bit of color to the space too. But, I want to add a lot more color and lighten the space up too, here is what I am loosely basing the colors in this space on:

Khaki and multi-color striped tablecloth

Now, for the fun stuff, here is what I am looking to do in this space:

1. Smart Tiles for the backsplash area behind the stove. If this goes well, you better believe I am going to do it behind the sink too.
| Source |

2. This handy little box here will make the dining room table and bench go from boring to awesome (hopefully!). I am thinking the light grayish white color will be nice.
RUST-OLEUM Transformations Furniture Transformation Kit

3. Theses are going to be the new colors for the chairs around the table, two blue and two gray.

4. New curtains are going to pull it all together. This is the most fun part, but also the part I stress the most about. I can usually pick out paint colors pretty quickly, fabric takes me forever, but here is kind of the look I am going for.

Portfolio Capparis Spa Fabric
P. Kaufmann Hip Dove Fabric

I plan to bring in turquoise and some sunny yellow accents through accessories in the space. I can't wait to get started on these small projects and show you how things all come together, and what fabric I ultimately decide on. Are you planning on tackling any small budget/big impact projects in your kitchen or dining room?

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