Worn Out Welcome

Worn out welcome mat

This was the sad shape of the "welcome" mat outside our front door. A little worn and not too exciting, which was kind of, unfortunately, the apparent theme of the front entry. But, with a few simple updates it quickly became a more welcoming space.

Painting Flower Pots with Plants in Them

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you have seen a sneak peek at my adventures in painting a couple of my entryway flower pots. For those of you who don't follow me (What? You're going to start right now, right?), I decided after I had planted my flowers that the flower pots really needed a new color.

Really, want to give the front door a fresh color, but I am still in the negotiating phase with the hubby on that one... So, on a quick shopping trip to Target I found this cheery welcome mat on clearance, which by the way had the new colors I wanted to incorporate and the current door color as well, and promptly placed it in my cart. (I really should be banned from shopping at Target, I find waaaay too many fun things there! But, I do score some great deals on clearance finds too, so that makes up for it, right? Right.) I loved the colors, and it looks so much more inviting than the old mat that was there.

Welcome Mat on clearance from Target

New blue and green welcome mat

I really am working on creating a whole home color scheme, and I wanted to make sure that I carried those colors into the outdoor spaces as well. This is something that I think really makes your indoor and outdoor living spaces feel like one large cohesive space. I am updating some of the colors in our overall pallette, which means there will be some fun changes coming up for our indoor spaces.

Using the colors in the new welcome mat for inspiration I found a great teal-ish color for the flower pots, Rust-oleum Lagoon. I wiped down the flower pot and gave it a couple of even coats of paint. I also took this time to do a simple wash of white paint over the wooden planter box that sits near the front door as well. This was easy too; I just wiped down the planter box and then dry brushed a very thin layer of white paint over the entire box.

Here is the before:

Planter box and flower pot before

And the after:

Painted planter box and flower pot with new welcome mat

They were small touches, but I feel like they made a big difference. Once I was done painting the flower pot by the door, I decided that the one out by the garage could be freshened up too. And that would continue to carry the color out past the entry. So, I wrapped up my plants again and gave this flower pot a couple of light coats of paint too. Huge upgrade!


Brown flower pot before


"New" blue flower pot

It makes me happy to see the new colors in our entry, and one of these days hopefully I will be giving that dark front door a brighter more fun color as well! Do you carry your indoor colors into your outdoor spaces? Have you spray painted any already planted flower pots lately?

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  1. It's so pretty!! I love how you used spray paint to quickly update your planters! And that blue is awesome! Thanks for linking up to our Summer Spruce Up Series! Started following you on Bloglovin!

  2. Very pretty! Isn't it amazing what a can of paint can do!!~~Angela

  3. Thanks for stopping by ladies! I love that you can make a huge change with a single can of spray paint, not to mention how inexpensive and fast it is too!


  4. I featured your makeover in an outdoor round-up today: http://rainonatinroof.com/2013/07/13-ideas-for-sprucing-up-your-front-door-entry/
    Thanks for sharing at the Summer Spruce-Up Series!


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