Star Wars Theme Party

The theme for the boys' party with their friends was decided the day I walked down the stationary aisle at Target a couple of months ago and found Star Wars invitations and tableware 50% off. The odds of the boys picking this as their theme was high, but Target finalized the decision for me.

We kept things pretty simple. They had a joint party at the local gymnastics academy, which is tons of fun ( and wears the kids out) and they set up and clean up the party room, supervise the kids while they are playing and make a gift list for you so you can focus on enjoying the party and taking way too many pictures.  (You can see more of them here.)

Kids gymnastics party

White and Red Velvet cupcakes with white frosting and red and blue sugar sprinkles were the cakes of choice. Cupcake picks from the party supply store and shiny foil cupcake liners dressed them up a little more.

Star Wars Birthday Cupcakes

We did have fun putting the goody bags together, here is what the guests went home with:
  • Swirl Bouncy Ball* (looks like a planet/galaxy, get it?)
  • Pixi Stix*
  • Glow Stick
  • Star Wars Stickers
  • Star Wars Fruit Snacks
  • Red or Blue Dipped Pretzel Stick
Star Wars Birthday Party Treat Bags

Candy dipped pretzel light sabers

 Overall, this was a pretty simple party to put together. I like to put more of my effort into a few small things for the birthday parties, instead of going way overboard on all the details to the point that I don't get a chance to enjoy the party. I love adding a few handmade touches to the parties, but I also appreciate how much a few store bought details can add fun and lessen my stress. 

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  1. Cute party! Love the pretzels! Thank you for sharing at Give Me The Goods!

    Dimples & Pig Tales

    1. Thanks! The pretzels were definitely a big hit with the kids, Thanks for stopping by!



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