Camo Theme Party

I picked a camo theme for the boys' family birthday party, mostly because I wanted to try my hand at making camo cupcakes that I had seen multiple times on Pinterest. They seemed easy enough to make and I just kept the rest of the party decor very simple.

For the cupcakes I just picked up a box of white cake mix, and mixed it up following the directions on the box. Then I divided it equally into 3 separate bowls; one stayed white, one I made bright green, and the other was more of a dark army green. (I used the food coloring gel in these, not the liquid food coloring.) Then I just carefully put a spoonful of each color into each cupcake liner and then gently ran a toothpick through each one to swirl the colors. Then I frosted half of them with vanilla frosting and half of them with chocolate. I think they turned out pretty awesome!

Camo cupcake batter

Camo birthday party cupcakes

Everything else was pretty simple. A dish full of green and brown M&M's, a dish of pretzel sticks, tea and lemon lime kool-aid to drink. The table was simply covered in green and black tablecloths, we used green and black plates and I did pick up some camo printed napkins from the party supply store.

Camo theme birthday party

Have your tried out any of those crazy cakes or cupcakes that you have seen on Pinterest?


  1. Hands down the coolest boy cupcakes I've seen in a while! Pinning!


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