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Commemorative Little League Baseball - End of Season Gift | One Mile Home Style

To commemorate the end of the baseball season, we had a pizza party and awards ceremony for all the boys. There was supposed to be a pool party in there too, but you know, it's July and it hasn't rained in a week or two, so of course, it rained that night.

Prior to the night of the party, myself and 3 other moms got together to work on awards for our great team of boys. We wanted to give them each a baseball for the entire team and coaches to sign.

Although at the ages of 7 and 8 the thought behind the baseballs we used was probably lost on the boys, I am sure it was not lost on the parents. Instead of painting and having the boys all sign brand new baseballs, we gathered the baseballs that they used at practices all season long. The thought being: the each have a ball that as a team they all used to become better players, they honed their hitting, catching and throwing skills with these baseballs.

Painted Autograph Baseballs - End of Season Gifts | One Mile Home Style

The supply list for these is very minimal:
Baseballs (preferably ones they have used during practice throughout the year)
Paint (this is the brand I use)

We painted half of each baseball blue and with a silver marker, we wrote the year, team name and the number for each individual player. The boys and coaches each signed the baseballs and everyone got to go home with a special memory from this past season.

Painted Autograph Baseballs - End of Season Gifts | One Mile Home Style

Do you do end of season parties for your kids' sports teams? Do you make any kind of keepsake for them to remember the season by?

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