Niagara Blue Bathroom Makeover

If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen a couple of sneak peeks at the color I chose for the boys' bathroom (which is also our guest bathroom). I decided to go with a bold color and had it narrowed down to two different shades of blue, ultimately I let the boys pick which one they liked the best. To my surprise they both picked the same one, win for mommy on that one!

Let's do a quick look back at what we started with. This room has no natural light so getting a good representation of the contractor white/off white color was a little difficult, but it at least gives you an idea of what we started with.

White bathroom before painting

White bathroom before painting

DIY map art on white wall

Here is the after (again no natural light, so these are as good as it gets):

Niagara Blue bathroom

Like I said, I wanted a bold color, nothing delicate and muted in here. Even small spaces like ours (8.5' x 5') can pull off dark saturated colors. The key is making sure that all the extra details that go into the small space should be light and bright. (See how to create your own map art here.)

DIY map art on blue wall

Vintage postcard wall art

Niagara Blue bathroom after

Don't be afraid to use variations on the same color as well. The light turquoise towels stand out against the darker blue and draw more of the colors from the stripe on the shower curtain. Speaking of the shower curtain, I washed and dried it before hanging it back up, and apparently I shrunk it. I'm pretty sure there is a good 4-6 inches that is now missing from the bottom. So, that will be another project...I am going to find a coordinating fabric and sew it onto the bottom so that it actually goes all the way to the floor and doesn't look like a pair of highwaters.

I am loving this color, it is a fresh change to the space and I'm glad we jumped in and went with a fun bright color. Do you have a small space that you used a bold color in? Were you happy with the results?


  1. The blue really makes a difference and love the map art canvases.
    Discovered your blog via Throwback Thursday.

  2. Wow, Stephanie! That blue really made a difference. Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday.



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