Garage Sale - Quick Follow-up

So I am sure that you are just bursting at the seams to see my garage sale tips put to use, right?! Here is a short and sweet post to let you jump right in to see what my garage sale looked like.

Lots of kids' clothes, neatly organized by size.

Garage Sale Organization & Tips - Organizing Kids Clothes

Adult clothes, stacked neatly on a table, and hung on clothing racks so everything could be looked at easily. As clothing on the rack sold, we moved more of the clothes off the table and onto hangers. (If you regularly hold garage sales, I highly recommend investing in a clothing rack. People like looking at hanging clothes, and they seems to sell faster than those stacked on the tables.)

Garage Sale Organization & Tips - Organizing Adult Clothes

Garage Sale Organization & Tips - Hanging Clothes

Jewelry is hung on a framed piece of pegboard so that it is easy to see and stays untangled.

Garage Sale Organization & Tips - Pegboard Jewelry Display

Everything is grouped with similar items. As items sold we unstacked items and spread things out a little more.

Garage Sale Organization & Tips - Housewares and Home Decor

Garage Sale Organization & Tips - Housewares and Home Decor

As the day went on we just kept spreading things out as more room was created by sales. After each rush of customers we re-folded and re-stacked the clothes, as needed, to keep everything looking nice and neat. When it was all said and done I was very happy with the amount of stuff I was able to get rid of. Here is the after view of my garage sale storage area of my basement. (Here is the before of the space.)

Garage Sale Organization & Tips - Storing the leftovers

Do you have any tips for holding a successful garage sale?


  1. This year for our city wide sale I tried keeping clothing in totes (to save valuable table space and to help keep it more organized). I lined up all the totes along the driveway and sorted by size, sex and season as I would on tables. My husband had his doubts that people would want to dig through totes, but I was sure it would be fine. I WAS RIGHT!!! I think we've sold more clothing than at any previous sale. The cloths stay together, I don't have to refold (good thing because even with 3 adults and 3 teens we would not have had time!), and customers have told me how wonderful they think it is. I also think we have had way less "drive by's" because an abundance of clothing is not the first thing you see on tables. We do still have nicer items like dress and coats hanging.


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