Easy Word Cloud Art

I came across this great art idea via one of the many blogs I stalk follow. Dria at DIO Home Improvements posted recently about creating word cloud art and asked if she was the last one to know about it. She is not alone; I had always admired these pieces of art and thought for sure that they were way too complicated and time-consuming to even attempt. Boy, were we wrong!

This website makes the whole process super easy. The hardest part was deciding the fonts and colors I wanted to use. I have a couple more ideas lined up that I want to make in the near future.

The possibilities are endless; you can use quotes, song lyrics, snippets of a favorite book, or even just random words that describe something special to you (like my example below). Create artwork for a gallery wall, decor for your kids' rooms, kitchen or bathroom art, not to mention what perfect gift this would make for someone special when mat and frame it out.

Have you ever created your own word cloud art? Did you know it was this easy?


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