Thank a Teacher!

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week I scoured Pinterest for ideas for something the boys and I could make for their teachers. There are tons and tons of ideas out there, but I wanted give them something they could use, not just a decorative something or other. I also wanted the boys to have a hand in helping with the gift.

I saw one picture with the phrase "If you give a teacher cookies and milk..." and that got the wheels turning. The boys and I made up a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies, and sampled a few for quality control. Then I  brainstormed a few ideas and came up with a simple card and placed a gift card inside.

If you give your teacher a cookie - card

Thanks for being a great teacher, with gift card

I found these cute little canisters at the dollar store to hold the cookies, attached the card and we were set.

Homemade cookies and card for teacher appreciation

What do you give your child's teachers to show your appreciation?


  1. Thanks for sharing on Throwback Thursday. I pinned this cute idea.


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