Simple Personalized Glasses

Wedding season is upon us and so begins the search for the elusive items that are listed on the gift registries. Glassware is always on the list of things the newlyweds want/need, but why stop with just plain glassware? Glass etching is not difficult to do and adds a nice personalized touch without being over-the-top expensive.

I did a set of personalized glasses as a Christmas gift this year and really liked the results. I picked up a set of simple glasses, etching cream and stickers to use as my stencil, I already had painters tape and the brushes.

Let me start by saying I HIGHLY recommend doing a trial run on an old glass or jar. This will help you get an idea what you want it to look like and work out any design details before using the gift glasses. I tested out etching the actual letter by using the outline of the sticker as my guide, and then also using the sticker as my blank space and taping off a square around the letter to be etched. I ended up going with the etched square look, totally a personal preference, I just liked the look of it better on the glass.

Be sure to follow all the instructions carefully on the glass etching cream. If you rinse it off too early, the effect of the etching will not be as visible. Also, it is not forgiving, so don't get it any part of the glass that you don't want etched.

Have your ever done any glass etching? What did you do and were you happy with the results?


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