Getting Your Car Ready for Springtime Fun

We are ready to get off and going with baseball season around here, if only the weather would cooperate. Our oldest son's first two games were cancelled, the first one due to rain and the other due to a lovely snow/sleet/rain mix. You gotta love Kansas weather in the spring; mid-70's one day, snow the next.
Organizing Your Car For Springtime Fun | One Mile Home Style

So, with the mindset of trying to be prepared, and looking forward to spending some time out at the ballpark, I spent one of our warm days getting the back of my car ready. Another trip to the dollar store yielded more storage baskets, this time they had new colors and wouldn't you know it, they had the perfect blue to match the team colors. So, I picked up two and started brainstorming ideas for what will need to go inside them...

Here is what I have in our baskets; the items you choose may be different based on the springtime weather in your area, or location of the event you are attending.

·         Towels – I don’t know about you, but I do not enjoy sitting on wet bleachers.
·         Fleece Blankets – Just because the games are in May and June does not mean we won’t be contending with wind and/or 40 degree evenings.
·         2 First Aid Kits – See details of what goes into those below.
·          Extra room for light jackets, an umbrella, and/or snacks for the kids in the stands.

Organizing your car for springtime fun, sports and activities.

Now you are wondering: "What kind of overprotective ya-hoo is this person who carries around two first aid kits to a kids baseball game?" and "What could she possibly be keeping in two separate first aid kits that can't all fit into one?".

Here are your answers: I have a son with a peanut allergy and asthma, so we always have one kit with us that contains benedryl, an epi-pen and an inhaler. This kit always goes with us wherever we go, and does not get left in the car since temperature fluctuations would be bad. We keep other OTC meds in this bag as well, since it doesn't get left in the car. The other first aid kit stays in the car and contains items that are not so temperature sensitive.

Again, the items you choose for your first aid kits will vary based on your family and needs, these are just the items that fit my family's needs.

First Aid Kit #1:

·         Epi-Pen
·         Benedryl 
·          Inhaler
·         Children’s Tylenol
·          Children’s Ibuprofen

First Aid Kit #2:

·         Bandages – All sizes
·          Neosporin Travel Packs 
·         Sunscreen Spray
·         Gauze 
·         First Aid Tape
·         Alcohol Wipes
·         Hand Sanitizer
·         Bug Spray Wipes
·         Bug Bite Itch Stick

When the weather starts to warm up does your car become your home away from home? What do you keep in your car kits?


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