Getting My Spring Planting Started

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day this past weekend. We got to finally enjoy some nice springtime weather and had a great BBQ with our moms and sisters.

I always enjoy and look forward to spending part of my Mother's Day outside working on my flower beds and potting new flowers. I forgot to pick up potting soil when I ran to the store, so my plans of potting new flowers is on a temporary hold until this weekend. I am excited to go to the local plant farm and pick out my new pretties for this year.

Decorating your home shouldn't be confined to the spaces inside your house. When the weather warms up spend some time outside looking over all your spaces and see where you can add some personal touches. I like to start with the front of our house because that is the first part everyone sees. Making sure the flower bed is (mostly) weeded and adding flower pots full of bright blooms to brighten up the entry.

I needed to replace a couple of shrubs in the front yard that did not survive the winter (thanks to the dog that decided to "water" them for me), so I got those dug up and new ones put in their places. And after too much dragging of my feet, I finally got a tree in the front yard. Thanks to mom and dad for picking it up for us since we don't have a truck! (Also, thanks to dad for digging the hole!) Now I can't wait for it to grow so we can have a nice shady spot to relax!!

My irises are blooming like crazy right now and the flower bed looks so cheery. I am going to have a long day ahead of me this fall thinning those bad boys out! I can't wait for the lilies to start blooming, they are one of my favorites.

Here is the quick before and after of our plantings on Sunday. Stay tuned for even more after I get the rest of my flowers picked up. I feel like these couple of small changes have already made a big difference in the looks of our front yard.



 How did you spend your Mother's Day?


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