Fresh Outdoor Flowers

Quick Sunday Post:

Between morning and evening storms I made it out to the plant farm to get my flowers picked out for my flower pots, and got them potted. I thought I was going to melt from the awful humidity, but stuck it out and got everything planted.

Here are my finds:

And here they are all potted, I can't wait for them to start filling out! They are definitely going to add a nice splash of color to our outdoor spaces:

{Lemon Verbena, Purple Flash Ornamental Peppers, Alyssum and Sangria Ornamental Peppers}

{Little Lucky Red Lantana, Alyssum}

{Wizard Mix and Carefree Mix Coleus}

{Mums} My mother-in-law brought me 2 of these and 2 white ones that are all decorating the back deck and patio.

I got them all done and enjoyed them for about an hour before I had to move them all up by the front door. I was not leaving them out to fend for themselves in the 40+ mph wind gusts and pouring rain (thankfully the predicted quarter size hail never happened). All safe and sound, they will get moved back out into the open in the morning.

 What are some of your favorite flowers you use to brighten up your outdoor spaces?


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