Linen Closet - Reorganized

In an effort to continue on with my de-cluttering of our home, I tackled the overstuffed mess that was our linen closet. In true linen closet style, it did house extra towels and sheets. But it also was home to board games that I didn't want just out in the open for the boys, extra throw pillows (do we really need 6 extras?), slip covers for the couches and a set curtains (I rotate the living room curtains from cool season to warm season).

Here is the before of this mess:

I know what you are thinking: "they must keep all of their towels in here and not in the bathrooms". Nope, sorry to say these are the extra towels we keep on hand. It may seem like way too many for someone looking to de-clutter, but we swim and play in the water a lot during the summer and sometimes the boys have friends over for water games during the summer and it's nice to have extra towels for everyone.

One thing we did cut down on during this project was the number of sheet sets we have. The boys each have one set on their beds plus 2 extras, and the hubby and I have one set on the bed plus one extra. I did use a great tip from Jen at IHeart Organizing, and put the boys extra sheets in the tops of their closets for added convenience.

The first thing I did was grab two of these handy baskets from the dollar store, you gotta love that place for inexpensive storage/organization stuff!! I let the boys each decide which sheets to keep and into the baskets they went. The others went straight to the garage sale stash. (By the looks of the garage sale stash, we going to have one heck of a garage sale later this spring!) And here they are in their happy new home.

I did get rid of a few towels and most of the pillows went downstairs to my sewing area to be recovered and made into "new" pillows for the basement family room. I snagged an spare storage crate from one of the bedrooms (an awesome $7 score from Michaels) and used it to hold our quilts.

The games got moved down to where everyone could reach them, including me! I'm not the tallest person, had to use a chair to reach  them all the way on the top shelf. Just a little bit of shifting from everything else and Ta-Da! A much happier linen closet.

This really didn't take too much time, maybe 30 minutes, time well spent I think! Have you done any quick closet clean-ups?


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  2. This looks so great! Isn't it just the best feeling to open those doors now?


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